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lundi 20 décembre 2010

Royaume du Maroc : Vacancy Announcement ELECTRICIAN

Royaume du Maroc
U.S. Embassy Rabat
Human Resources Office
Avis de recrutement
Vacancy Announcement ELECTRICIAN
OPEN TO: ALL INTERESTED CANDIDATESPOSITION: ELECTRICIANOPENING DATE: Wednesday, December 15, 2010CLOSING DATE: Wednesday, December 29, 2010WORK HOURS: Full-time; 40 hours/weekSALARY:
U.S. Citizen EFM /Not-Ordinary Resident: US$ 24,518 p.a. (starting salary)(Position Grade: FP-AA; Final FP grade to be determined by DOS Washington)* Ordinarily Resident: DH101,401 p.a. (starting salary)
(Position Grade: FSN-04), competitive allowance and bonus package
The U.S. Embassy in Rabat is seeking an individual for the position of Electrician.
The incumbent repairs or replaces defective parts in electrical equipment and systems, repairs or replaces electrical wiring and devices, modifies electrical circuits as required, runs new wiring, installs/repairs electric space and water heater, advises supervisor of recommended spare parts to be placed in inventory, locates and purchases small parts in the local economy, assists with routine testing of emergency generators and associated equipment.
NOTE: All applicants must meet all qualifications and provide supporting documentation for each criterion below
Secondary school is required. Completion of vocational training or apprenticeship recognized as producing journeyman electricians is required.
Minimum of four years working as a journeyman electrician is required.
Level 3 (good working knowledge) in Arabic is required. Level 2 (limited knowledge) in French is required. Level 1 (Rudimentary knowledge) of English is required.
Full knowledge of accepted and established Moroccan and US electrical standards and practices is required.
Abilities and Skills:
Ability to correctly use tools associated with the trade is required.
Ability to provide a bill of material when trouble shooting a job is required.
Must possess a valid Moroccan driver’s license, class “B”.
When equally qualified, US Citizen EFMs and US Veterans will be given preference. Therefore, it is essential that the candidate address the required qualifications above in the application.
Management will consider nepotism/conflict of interest, budget, and residency status in determining successful candidacy.
Current Ordinarily Resident employees with an Overall Summary Rating of Needs Improvement or Unsatisfactory on their most recent Employee Performance Report are not eligible to apply.
Currently employed US Citizen EFMs who hold a Family Member Appointment (FMA) are ineligible to apply for advertised positions within the first 90 calendar days of their employment.
Currently employed NORs hired under a Personal Services Agreement (PSA) are ineligible to apply for advertised positions within the first 90 calendar days of their employment unless currently hired into a position with a When Actually Employed (WAE) work schedule.
Current Ordinarily Resident employees must serve in the same position for a period of 52 weeks in addition to their probationary period before being eligible to apply for advertised positions. Temporary employees must first complete their temporary appointments before applying for advertised positions.
Interested applicants for this position must submit the following for consideration of the application:
Universal Application for Employment, DS-174 form.
Candidates who claim US Veterans preference must provide a copy of their Form DD-214 with their application. Candidates who claim conditional US Veterans preference must submit documentation confirming eligibility for a conditional preference in hiring with their application.
Any other documentation (e.g. education diplomas, essays, certificates, awards) that addresses the qualification requirements of the position as listed above.
a) By mail to:
Human Resources OfficeAttention: Vacancy Announcement 10-78Address: 2 Avenue Mohamed El Fassi (ex-Marrakech), Rabat
b) By e-mail:
Important: If your application has been selected for further consideration, you will be contacted within 3-6 weeks from the closing date of this vacancy announcement for further testing and/or interview.

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